March 16th, 2015

Wrecking Ball Threatens Tenants Possessions

Following the South Napa earthquake of August 24 Napa County building inspectors red tagged a number of properties including a self storage building with 223 units. A red tag means that the property has been severely damaged and is not safe to enter.

Six months later the owner of the storage units, Napa Self Storage are requiring the tenants to pay for the stabilization of the building and the removal of their possessions by a specialized crew. If the tenants don’t pay Napa Self Storage say they will bulldoze the building with all of the tenants possessions inside.

Many of the tenants have had to pay for the repair of earthquake damage to their own homes and do not have additional funds available to pay for a salvage operation. Some have earthquake insurance but cannot collect on their policy unless the insurance adjuster is able to confirm the losses, which is impossible as no one can enter the red-tagged building.

$167,000 is the estimated cost of the recovery of the tenants belongings and even then some of the larger items may have to remain inside the building.

Earthquake damaged storage facility in Napa

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