April 13th, 2015

Was It Oily Rags Again?

A building with 80 storage units at an A+ Super Storage complex in Lubbock, TX was on fire for 24 hours last weekend. Eventually Lubbock Fire Rescue had to call in heavy equipment to demolish the structure and remove debris in order to locate and extinguish any remaining pockets of fire.

At one stage rounds of ammunition were exploding inside one unit and firefighters had to withdraw to safety for nearly 30 minutes. One A+ Super Storage customer has lost his entire collection of jazz, blues and rock n’ roll records worth thousands of dollars.

Fire department investigators do not yet know what caused the fire. However the cause of a fire two weekends ago at 1st Choice Storage in San Juan, TX that destroyed 20 units, has been determined.

Someone had been varnishing cabinets inside one of the units and left out the oily rags which spontaneously ignited sometime later. According to the National Fire Protection Association oily rags are a common cause of storage unit fires and recommend that rags that have absorbed oils such as linseed oil or turpentine should be kept in closed metal cans and thoroughly dried before collection or transport.

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