May 28th, 2015

Tornado Safe Self-Storage

The tornado that came through southwest Houston early Sunday morning caused extensive damage at Space Saver 9 Self Storage.

Arial view of damageUnits with roofs ripped off

Many storage units were reduced to rubble, some just had the roof ripped of and a few remained intact. Renters turned up to see if they were one of the lucky ones with little or no damage but were not allowed on the property because it was declared unsafe. The owners say that once the site is made safe all unit holders will have to remove their belongings so reconstruction can begin.

Units totally destroyedSearching through what remains after the tornado

If you are in a tornado prone area choose a self-storage facility with buildings constructed using reinforced concrete and steel supports. Avoid metal roofs as shearing winds can peel them off like a sardine can. Ask the facility manager to explain how their units are tornado safe.

Lastly check your insurance to make sure you are covered in the event of loss caused by a tornado.

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