November 23rd, 2015

Seven Thefts In Five Days

Public Storage facility in Birmingham AL

Seven thefts in five days at the same facility must be a record even for Public Storage. Unit holders at the Public Storage Birmingham, AL facility have had TVs, household goods and sound equipment stolen over a five day period. One woman whose husband is a craftsman has had over $15,000 worth of tools stolen.

Public Storage are well known for their lack of security but this time they seem to have excelled themselves. Not only are their no surveillance cameras but there is no proper lighting and what little lighting there is goes off intermittently. To top it all the gate is broken and has been for some time.

Sgt Mike Mangina, Irondale Police Department said “Some of these victims are moving the rest of their property out because they don’t want to stay there, they think that it is unsafe. You know I would probably do the same thing.”

As we have said before if you are thinking of using a Public Storage facility you could save yourself the storage fees by dumping your stuff on the sidewalk with a notice “Help Yourself”.

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