Self Storage Removals

The self-storage industry is based on ‘DIY’ removals principles that basically mean that you are expected to get your stuff to self-storage and unpack it yourself. This is simple enough if you’re just looking to store a few items – but gets more complex if you need to store the contents of your house or archive large volumes of business records. Consequently, many self-storage facilities have seen that they can make extra money or incentivize consumers to choose their facility by offering a range of removal solutions that make the whole process easier.

A relatively new development in the industry is ‘mobile storage’ which is a removals option to consider (if available in your area) if you haven’t got the time or inclination to cope with the whole removals process yourself. In this instance, the self-storage company simply drops a container at your home or business, you pack it up (or pay them to do it for you), lock it and arrange for them to pick it up and take it to the facility for storage. When you want it back, you simply arrange with them to drop it off again.

As with most additional services, removals options will vary from self-storage facility to facility. Some self-storage operators offer full removals services on site. They can do anything from packing your stuff, loading it, transporting it to your unit and unpacking it. Most of the time, you’ll pay for these removals services, although you may find that they are cheaper than using a standard removals firm. This does restrict your flexibility in terms of how your self-storage unit is packed, but you do have the added comfort of knowing that the removal men are self-storage specialists and there shouldn’t be too many problems.

If the self-storage facility you’ve chosen doesn’t offer direct removals services, then they may well have partnered with local removals specialists that can help you out. You may find that you’ll get a referral discount or, at the very least, competitive rates for your removals if you go this route. If this is your chosen option, check access with your self-storage facility as some sites have problems with parking for larger removals vehicles – the further your removals men have to walk to your unit, the longer it’ll take them to unpack which could cost you more money.

In most cases, however, you’ll be looking to do all the removal yourself in the ‘DIY’ spirit. The majority of self-storage companies will be able to offer trucks, vans or trailers to help with this – often free of charge for a few hours or on a competitive rental basis. You should also expect them to have trolleys and other moving equipment on site to help you get your goods from vehicle to unit. If you’re moving a lot of stuff, such as bulky furniture or large archives, then you should be looking for extras such as forklifts and qualified drivers – again, you’ll probably have to pay for these unless they are on special offer or you can negotiate free use as part of your package.