Self-storage Packing Supplies

It’s tempting whenever you’re packing items up for self-storage just to rely on boxes you already have or can get hold of from your local supermarket. In many cases, you’ll be fine with this but it’s also wise to think about investing in some specialist packing supplies – after all, boxes degrade with use and there’s nothing worse than having a carefully packed box collapse on you as you try to load it into your unit!

Most self-storage facilities will have a shop on site that will offer a range of packing supplies that you can buy, often at trade prices. There are advantages to spending some cash here. You’ll be able to buy all the packing supplies you need at your self-storage site and tailor it to your specific needs. The boxes you can buy are specifically designed for storage – if you’re looking to store books, for example, you can buy book boxes that are roomy enough to hold your books but small enough to make sure you don’t overload the box. You’ll also generally find a range of other relevant items such as marker pens, bubble wrap and packing tape on offer.

Some self-storage facilities will offer extended ranges of supplies and you might be able to buy or rent racking, dust sheets, customized furniture covers, floor boarding etc. Some self-storage companies will offer discounts if you buy a complete packaging set which will give you the basics you need such as a few boxes, marker pens, bubble wrap and tape.