July 16th, 2015

Secure Or An Open Invitation?

Storage Pro Self Storage logoStorage Pros Self Storage has an interesting approach to security. Recently seven storage units were broken into at Storage Pros Wyoming, MI facility. When unit holders asked to see the security camera videos they were told they had not been working since July 2014 having being damaged by a tornado. The same excuse was used for not even having a front gate.

Storage Pro edited webpageUp until the break in Storage Pros Wyoming facility webpage had mislead customers into believing that security was a priority, here is a quote “If you’re concerned about security, we’ve got your back – our location includes around-the-clock video surveillance, keypad accessible doors and motion sensors. We believe that the best kind of storage service is one that is both secure and simple”. Following the break in the text was deleted.

The lesson to be learnt here is that before you rent make sure the security claimed to be in operation does actually work. Don’t be afraid to ask for a demonstration, any responsible facility owner will be proud to show off the precautions they take to protect their customers possessions.

Non-working surveillance cameras are not an unusual occurrence. After 30 units were burglarized at an Atlantic Self Storage location in Jacksonville the Sheriff’s Office found that no video of the thieves or their vehicle existed even though there were video cameras targeting the main gate. It is also quite common for self-storage facilities to use dummy CCTV cameras.

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