August 19th, 2016

Rodent Infested Storage Unit

Last week an NBC I-Team were kicked off an Extra Space Storage property in Johnston R.I.

Extra Space Storage logoThe team were following up a Cranston resident’s complaint that a rodent infestation in their storage unit had ruined $5,000 worth of personal belongings. Children’s toys, clothing, mattresses and wedding photos were destroyed by rodent urine and droppings.

The renter had paid an additional fee for insurance coverage and Extra Space Storage told them to contact Beecher Carlson Insurance. The claim was denied as the insurance policy did not cover rodent damage.

Extra Space Storage refused to refund any of the $2,000 rental expenditure, which is when the NBC I-Team became involved.

On their website Extra Space Storage say “Our Johnston storage facilities are the cleanest and securest around”. This obviously inaccurate claim coupled with aggressively stupid customer relations is ample reason to think twice before choosing this storage facility.

Storage providers should always be willing to discuss the pest control measures that are undertaken on site and we have written an article on the topic of assessing the storage unit environment.

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