November 13th, 2015

Public Storage, Private Grief

Megan Wintersmith went to her storage unit at the Public Storage facility in Bridgeview, IL to find it totally trashed and valuable items missing. Brand new items including kitchen appliances, new bedding and a flat screen TV as well as older but valuable items had been stolen.

Public Storage facility in Bridgeview, IL

Given that Public Storage, headquartered in Glendale CA, probably has the worst reputation for service and customer relations of any self storage company in the world it is not surprising the the company did not bother to respond to her calls and emails.

It is also not surprising that when she asked an onsite employee about the CCTV cameras she was told that they had not worked for years.

So what is NOT surprising? The fact that according to Bridgeview Police Department there were three thefts at this facility in 2014 and there have been three so far this year.

Six thefts at the same facility and the CCTV cameras are still not working!

If you are thinking of using a Public Storage facility you could save yourself all the storage fees by dumping your stuff on the sidewalk with a notice “Help Yourself”.

Fortunately Megan Wintersmith had an insurance policy from another company and her claim was recently approved.

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