March 2nd, 2015

Public Storage – Poor Service

Better logo for Public Storage
It is just possible that Public Storage, headquartered in Glendale CA, has the worst reputation for service and customer relations of any self storage company in the world. Every website that hosts consumer reviews of the company is full of the same complaints which appear again and again and seem never to be addressed. Even the Better Business Bureau rates Public Storage an ‘F’, the lowest possible grade.

A complaint on Ripoff Report a few days ago epitomizes the lack of empathy that Public Storage appears to have with its customers. It is a long and detailed complaint but in essence:

The customer….

  1. Used their own Master lock to secure their unit.
  2. Had been obliged to buy insurance having been told it was compulsory.
  3. Was called to be told that “Security” had discovered their unit unlocked and no sign of a padlock.
  4. On arrival found that their unit had been burglarized.
  5. Called the Sheriff and filed a burglary report.
  6. Filed an insurance claim.

The claim was not accepted on the grounds that there was no physical damage to the unit.

During this process the customer was told different things by different Public Storage employees. You can read the full complaint here and see what an unpleasant experience it must have been.

With any normal company this experience could be seen as an exception but with a glut of class action suits and a rating of only 2.8 on Glassdoor (the employee review website) it is more likely to be systemic in Public Storage’s case.

As one employee says “I was forced by the company to push worthless storage insurance which half the time will not pay out to the customers for legit claims”.

Combine the insurance scam with lack of security and it is surprising that anyone would use this company at all.

You have been warned!

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