Mobile Self-storage

A relatively new addition to the self-storage portfolio, mobile self-storage bridges the gap between traditional storage and self-storage by helping you get your items to the self-storage facility and storing it for you.

This variation on self-storage works on a ‘drop and collect’ principle. You choose the unit size you want and the self-storage provider drops a mobile container off at your home or business. You then have to simply pack your items into it or pay for them to do it for you. Once that’s done, you lock up the mobile container with your own lock (which you may have to purchase from your facility) and arrange for the company to pick it up. They then take the container away and put it in storage. In some cases, the mobile container is actually your unit and it will simply be given warehouse space. In others, the container will be unpacked into units on site for you. All you need to do when you need your goods back is to let the provider know and arrange a drop off time, after which you unpack and they come back to remove the container.

Although this method of self-storage removes a lot of the hassle of getting your items to the site and unpacking them it brings some disadvantages too. Not all mobile self-storage companies will allow frequent access whenever you choose and you may have to make an appointment to get at your stuff. Before you take this option, therefore, it’s worth checking on their rules of access. In some cases, you may even have to pay a labour fee to access your goods if it will involve the facility pulling your mobile container out of storage so that you can get at it.