March 18th, 2015

Military Members Possessions Sold

The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) states that a storage lien may not be enforced against a service member during, or 90 days subsequent to, their period of military service without a court order.

Cross Town MoversThe Department of Justice has filed a lawsuit to recover damages from Across Town Movers, a San Diego, California, storage company, who allegedly auctioned the personal property of 11 service members without obtaining the required court order. In one case Across Town Movers continued to receive regular payments for the storage of property that they had already sold.

In addition to damages for the value of the auctioned goods, the SCRA provides for civil monetary penalties of up to $55,000 for the first offense and $110,000 for each subsequent offense. The Department of Justice will also seek injunctive relief. The lawsuit was filed March 16, 2015 in the Southern District of California following a referral to the Justice Department by the U.S. Navy.

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