January 16th, 2015

Great Value Storage Fire

Great Value StorageIt’s simply a fact of life, if your belongings are in a storage unit with a company that takes security seriously you are less likely to lose them in a fire or have them stolen. Police monitored burglar alarms, fire department monitored fire alarm systems, laser beam security, 24 hour video monitoring and computer controlled access are all provided by security conscious self-storage facilities. Not taking security seriously (even if they say they do) can have devastating consequences, as some storage unit holders at the Great Value Storage facility in southwest Houston discovered earlier this week.

A fire ripped through the facility in what rapidly became a three alarm fire (image below). It lasted for nearly six hours and at least a third of the Great Value Storage facility was destroyed. There was an estimated quarter of a million dollars worth of damage and unless the unit holders have insurance, the fire has left them with nothing.

The facility claim on their website that “At Great Value Storage on Highway 249, we take security seriously” but in this case obviously not seriously enough.

Houston Fire Department on the scene


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