September 16th, 2014

Do The Surveillance Cameras Work?

Atlantic Self StorageAtlantic Self Storage have 44 locations in the Jacksonville area and last weekend their facility in Mandarin was ransacked with over 30 units burglarized. Atlantic Self Storage claim on their website that “All of our facilities have managers who live on site” which begs the question – where was the manager? Also surveillance cameras can be seen at the facility and signs around the perimeter warn potential intruders that surveillance cameras are in use. However Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office say that no video of the thieves or their vehicle exists even though there are even video cameras targeting the main gate (image below). It would seem that the cameras were not functioning while the criminals were at work, which is at the least negligent and possibly even deliberate.

When you are checking out a facility and their security features and you ask them to show you that the surveillance cameras are working, this may not be enough. The cameras need to be recording all the time so, just in case you have to file suit, make sure you get something in writing before you sign the lease.

Atlantic Self Storage failed cameras

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