May 25th, 2015

Another ExtraSpace Storage Fire

The lack of fire sprinklers at most ExtraSpace storage units may save the company money but it can cost their customers a lot more. We have mentioned this before in previous posts, for example – Where Are The Fire Sprinklers?

Florida law requires sprinklers to be installed in every large storage building but in practice can be avoided by building firewalls or small alleys dividing a large building into a number of smaller buildings. Not having a fire suppression system at ExtraSpace Storage, in Hillsborough County resulted in 127 storage unit holders losing all the contents of their units to a 3 alarm fire last week (images below).

A Hillsborough County Fire Rescue spokesperson said the fire was difficult to extinguish because the storage units shared a common attic allowing the flames to spread easily. Firefighters had to use heavy machinery to peel back the unit roofs so they could attack the fire from the air and the ground. In the course of the action two firefighters received minor injuries and had to be hospitalized.

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