January 29th, 2015

172 Visits By Storage Unit Thief

Police have arrested a man in connection with a series of burglaries over a three month period at the Extra Space Storage facility in Lilburn, GA.

The suspect did not rent at the 550 unit facility but allegedly used the pin code of a female acquaintance who had a unit in the complex. Surveillance cameras recorded him driving into the facility with an empty trailer and driving out with a loaded trailer on no less than 172 occasions over the three month period (images below).

How he got away with it for such a long time is not clear but he had used bolt cutters and then replaced the broken locks with new ones in order to delay discovery. Even so systematic theft of this kind should have been detected earlier.

When Lilburn police raided the suspects home they found stolen items stacked from floor to ceiling in every room including; photographic equipment, computers, TVs, musical instruments, family photos, sports equipment and furniture. Police had to use a removal van to transfer the stolen property to a large warehouse for sorting and identification (video below).

Suspect arrives with an empty trailer

Suspect leaves with a loaded trailer

One of the rooms in the suspects home

(Photos and video via Lilburn Police Department)

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