Self-storage Van Rental

In order to get your business in the first place, you’ll find that most self-storage facilities will offer free truck, trailer or van rental so that you can get your goods to the self-storage site. You’ll have to pay a rental deposit for this, which should be fully refundable, however you might be liable to pay for van time and mileage costs if you overrun the pre-set time conditions of the offer. These charges may well work out to be more expensive than standard van rental costs so check on the conditions of the offer before you opt to take it up.

If the self-storage facility you’ve chosen doesn’t offer free use of a removal vehicle, they may rent vans, trucks or trailers to you. Rental rates may be discounted compared to local hire companies to get your business but, in some instances, will be higher than rental rates you can get elsewhere – compare rates first before you make a decision. Some self-storage companies prefer not to offer the service and have established partnerships with local van hire companies. In many cases they’ll have negotiated discounted rental rates that you won’t be able to get yourself so this is often a good route to take.

You’ll generally find that you’ll be left to drive, load and unload your van yourself. All but the smallest self-storage companies will offer some kind of help with this aspect of your move. You may be able to hire a driver or someone to help you pack and/or unpack etc. It’s highly unlikely that these services will be free and rates will vary from self-storage company to company.