Self-storage Security

You can't put too high a price on security when you're looking at self-storage. After all, we take the time to make sure that our home is adequately secure to protect belongings and it's no different in self-storage.

All self-storage facilities will have a range of security measures in place. These can range from the basic to the hi-tech and your self-storage choice may well hinge on how comfortable you feel with the options on offer. You may also make a decision based on the value of the goods you store. If you're storing valuable and irreplaceable heirlooms then you'll probably opt for state of the art systems. If your storage items are easily replaced and of no real sentimental or monetary value then you may make a more basic choice.

Your first move should be to visit a few self-storage sites and see for yourself just how secure they seem. Seeing a self-storage facility with gaping holes in perimeter fences, dark corridors with insufficient CCTV coverage and no guard on site at night might just put you off. Although you are responsible for padlocking your own unit, the strongest padlock is no defence against a determined thief. However a formidable looking padlock could cause a potential thief to move on to the next unit! (See this recent advice on locks in the News Section).

Self-storage security measures vary extensively throughout the industry. You should always opt for a self-storage facility that has at least some measures in place - you'll find some or all of the following security options on offer depending on the self-storage company you choose: