October 1st, 2016

Caught on CCTV

Aunt Betty’s Self Storage in Greenwood, IN is a family run business and unlike many of the large chains does actually look after its customers.

Regular readers will know that companies like Public Storage have consistently poor reviews and are often rated by the Better Business Bureau as an ‘F’, the lowest possible grade. Poor quality CCTV cameras are standard and in some facilities never work at all.

Good quality CCTV cameras may not prevent storage unit theft but they are much more likely to lead to the arrest of the criminals. Thieves recently cut the fence at Aunt Betty’s, drove the pickup onto the facility grounds and broke in to several units by cutting the locks with bolt cutters. Fortunately the whole thing was recorded on good quality video and the two suspects should be readily identifiable as you can see from the two images below:

First suspect

Second suspect

If you recognize either of them please call Greenwood police on 317-865-6396.

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