June 12th, 2016

100 Storage Units Destroyed

Firefighters took nine hours to bring a blaze under control that destroyed 100 storage units at the Storage Max facility in Topeka, KS on Thursday. The cause of the fire has yet to be determined but a member of the public who works next door to Storage Max said she heard multiple explosions before running outside to see the facility on fire.

Topeka Fire Department had to break into each of the building’s 100 individual units because the blaze spread throughout the structure. This is always a dangerous operation as firefighters have no way of knowing what is in each unit. Toxic chemicals and Propane/Oxygen Gas Cylinders present a particularly high level of risk.

One unit holder has lost a vintage Chevy Corvette and another has lost 40 years of accumulated antiques and collectibles stored in their three rental units. Many unit holders have yet to be notified that all of their storage items have been destroyed.

Insurance is of course essential if you have a storage unit but if you have valuable or irreplaceable family items then consider a storage unit with adequate fire protection and sprinklers.

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